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Safety & Standard

Safety & Standard

LED light Tube & Regular bulb safety standards in the United States,Canada and Other North America Countries may apply

As LED light bulbs are electrically devices. In USA and Canada, thus, all LED light bulbs must meet safety standards.

The regulations regarding these safety standards are covered in the US by laws stated below Occupational Safety and Health Act

OSHA Article 29 CFR 1910.xxx;
CFR: Code of Federal Regulations
The National Electric Code (NEC).
In Canada, the regulations are covered by The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and ,
The Canadian Electric Code (CEC).
Note that in the USA and Canada, UL and other such certifications are NOT required by law, but meeting the safety standards such as those listed above IS required.

US and Canadian-based certification labs such as UL, ETL, and CSA take on the job of testing electrical products in order to determine if, in the opinion of the lab, a particular product tested passes the safety standards listed here. If in their opinion the product meets these safety standards, a certificate is issued attesting to this opinion, and the manufacturer of the product is allowed to associate the mark of the testing lab with its product. US government certified labs are able to test for conformity with the safety standards are called “Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories” (NRTLs).

In Canada, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) names “Certified Bodies” (CBs).

Among labs, UL, ETL and CSA are the only organizations that are NRTLs or CBs.

Thus in the US and Canada, the CE mark (given to products that meet European Union safety regulations), is not recognized by US & Canada as the CE organization is neither a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (US) or a Certified Body (Canada)

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